• Bill Frederick Park (map)
  • 3401 South Hiawassee Road
  • Orlando, FL, 32835
  • United States

The choice is yours:
- Be a Runner (human) and run from the Zombies.
- Be a Zombie and pull the runner's flags as they run through your "Zombie Zone."

Runners wear 3 flags on a belt. Protect these flags, they’re your “life.” Zombies are staged throughout the course ready to chase you and steal your flags. Try to survive, if you can... Lose your flags, and you can still finish the course as a runner. Look for Safe Zones at mile markers 1 and 2 with water, and pick up an extra life flag! Prepare for walkers, runners, crawlers... and some surprises.

Choose to become a member of the Zombie Horde instead, and polish your human hunting skills while adorned in true flesh-eating fashion, compliments of the event's expert make-up team!

Ticket URL: https://endurancecui.active.com/new/events/51483354/select-race?e4p=2af95b39-9a96-4c59-89a1-49910392495b&e4ts=1521734466&e4q=a427d415-9120-4180-94f0-ea25e27d7c85&e4c=active&e4e=snawe00000000&e4h=be4819bcf842d4e79e9e3282a88aed92&e4rt=Safetynet&_p=9468602533412049

Crunchers, use the promo code "CRUNCH" for 20% off any adult registration! For more information, go to: www.the5kzombierun.com

RSVP to our Facebook event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/182713585855474/