Our Perks Partner Program is the ultimate way to engage our members while enriching the lives of your employees.

With five (5) active corporate memberships from employees at your company at any given time, we will cross-market your brand to the members and areas YOU select all while we extend to our entire health and wellness experience at an amazing price, which applies to those five memberships and extends to their families as well.

CROSS-MARKET TO 120,000+ crunch members with perks


BECOME A PREFerred vendor throughout clubs and program


What do we offer?



We believe in making fitness fun, which is why we come up with seasonal schedules of the most awesome classes ever. They're not just gym-azing though, they 're hardcore sweat-fests, designed to get you moving, shaking, and burning in every way imaginable. From Zumba® and Yoga Body Sculpt to Fat Burning Pilates and Tread N' Shred, we've got you covered.


HIITzone gives you all you need to explore every aspect of fitness. From beginner to badass, this is where your fitness journey begins, elevates and continues. It is where challenges are overcome, goals are surpassed and bodies are transformed. Whether you train one-on-one or with a group, our support & sustenance will guide the way. Developed in partnership with Throwdown, this exclusive series of programs utilizes the Combative Training Center (CTC) to build speed, agility, power and strength.

$2M CLUBS AND Gym-azing amenities

Crunch Fitness boasts a wide variety of amenities to deliver the best bang-for-your-buck experience as possible before, during, and after your workout; such as our reclining full-body HydroMassage® bed and stand-up tanning beds for the perfect shade. Locker rooms feature service amenities as showers, lockers, etc.


What does it cost?

$0 enrollment fee. no long-term contracts.


PEAK RESULTS - $21.95/month

Everything in a Base membership plus:
Awesome group fitness classes
Free guest privileges
Free tanning & HydroMassage®
Access to all Crunch locations**
Crunch Live access
Unlimited small group training

BASE - $9.95/month

Workout essentials
Locker rooms with showers
Online Nutrition

Kid's Crunch Babysitting available to add-on to either membership for $10/month at select locations.

MEMBER PERKS Crunch members get special discounts at a number of local businesses and community events. Talk to a team member for a full list of member perks.

CANCELLATIONS Provide us with a 10-day notice to cancel any membership after the first 90 days. No cancellation fee.

Must have minimum of 5 active memberships to qualify. Base memberships do not count towards 5 active memberships.


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* Our Corporate Perks Program prohibits partnerships with multi-level marketing companies.


If you are a confirmed Crunch Fitness Perks Partner, please use this link to submit your business information and cross-marketing availability. You can also use this link to revise your existing partnership.

* Five (5) corporate level memberships must be active at all times to qualify.